Liberia freedom of information coalition


The Liberia Freedom of Information Coalition

The Coalition

The coalition comprises of over ten Civil Society Organizations involve with promoting Freedom of Information.


The act that promotes FOIA in Liberia


Access resources on the Freedom of Information in Liberia

Join the Campaign

Get involve by creating an FOI fanclub in your community or school

Four Steps to Use FOI Act in Liberia

Use the Freedom of Information Act to get information from any government body!
To make your voice heard is to know what's happening in government

By Law, you can ask any government body for information that you need.

  • Ask for Information

    Ask any government body for information you need to know!

  • Contact the LFIC to followup with your request

    You can contact us when you make a request to followup on your behalf - That's why we here!

  • If you don't get your response after 30 days

    Complain your case to the Independent Information Commission

  • The Independent Information Commission will Address your complain

    You are sure to receive the information.


Steering Committee members of the Liberia Freedom of Information Coalition
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Varney Kamara

Varney manages the affairs of the LFIC
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Malcolm Joseph

Malcolm serves as chairman of the board of the Coalition
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Joan Witherspoon

Account Manager
Joana manages the accounts of LFIC
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Samuel Kollie

Program Officer
Sam manages programs and projects at LFIC